Read text messages verizon account

You can only see those messages sent or received via Verizon. Messages of Line or WhatsApp cannot be shown on Verizon website. Moreover, you cannot access to messages sent or received 5 days ago. Step 1 Go to Verizon wireless site. Step 4 Enter your Password and verify security image. Then click on Sign in. If you desperately want some messages one month ago when your iPhone is stolen or lost , Verizon cannot help you at all.

Below I will introduce all the ways. Step 3 Choose the data types you want to recover by ticking the box in front of each data type. Then click Next.

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Step 5 Choose one back up that contains the data you want and click Next. It will start to scan the backup. Step 6 After scanning, just tick the messages you want and click Recover. The messages will be restored in your computer. Losing iPhone is no longer a disaster. There aren't any apps I don't recognize.

I use Mighty Text but I doubt my mom knows what that is. My brother says he's gone on and looked at my mom's texts before but he won't show me how he got there. Is there familybase on the account? Just a heads up, no part of Family Base allows the reading of text messages on another line, so the question is irrelevant. She can't read the content of the text messages without FamilyBase.

How to Spy on Verizon Text Messages Free

She can see who you're texting and when you're texting them, though. I remember my dad used to tell my brother that he was reading his text messages but it was really just an empty threat.

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How does your brother know she's reading them? Did she tell him or did he find out another way? Ok thanks that's what I thought. I don't care if she can see the numbers or time that I'm texting, I just don't want her seeing the messages. My brother always has his friends over to smoke weed and our house has kinda become infamous for that.

He told me she saw how many people he's been inviting over and what he's been texting his girlfriend about.

How to Monitor Text Messages On Someone Else's Phone

She might just be trying to scare him but he said she's done this before. Another option is MightyText, which is also free and allows you to send and receive texts from your phone as well as your browser.

how can i get text messages from computer? | T-Mobile Support

You can also use the free AirDroid app which enables you to sync your texts between your Android phone and your computer. AirDroid offers a premium service that will allow you to use the service on an unlimited number of devices as well as get unlimited file transfer and a number of other features that aren't available on the free version of the app.

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Pulse is one more Android app option for checking text messages from your computer or other device. You will need to pay for the premium version of the app to use it for texting from your tablet or computer, however.

Scary text messages to read

One final option to consider for checking text messages from your computer is using a secondary number and app. With a secondary number, your texts aren't exclusively tied to your phone, so you can check your texts from any device. Google Voice is a free service that offers a secondary number with texting and calling capabilities that can be accessed from any web browser, iOS or Android device.