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Part 2: How to Spy on a Cell Phone without Having It (For iOS)

If someone is using the Jailbreak version, they will have to first jailbreak your device and then install the app on your iPhone using iTunes. Both methods are going to restore your device to its original condition, i. But if you have, get it changed immediately which will automatically refrain XNSPY from remotely accessing your device anymore.

A few recommendations on what apps you might use to delete spy apps:

Wipe your phone clean, get an antivirus and you are good to go. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

Remote Uninstall HelloSpy

If you suspect that FlexiSpy or similar stalkerware has been installed on one of your devices, the effects can be emotionally and psychologically crippling. Avoid unknown senders and double-check files with known senders—particularly when sent unsolicited. On Windows, you can see apps running in the background by right-clicking on the taskbar and choosing Task Manager ; on macOS, launch Activity Monitor from Spotlight.

How to Uninstall or delete Hidden Apps / Delete Spying apps from your phone

Not all kinds of stalking require an app though. If someone close to you knows the kind of words you use for passwords and can have a pretty good stab at your security questions too, then they might be able to get at your email or social media accounts. On Facebook, meanwhile, you can head to Security and login from the Settings page to see active sessions and log out from them.

Whether or not you can get hold of any proof to begin with, trying to remove the offending app or apps can confirm your suspicions either way. By design, stalkerware is very hard to spot and remove, but you do have a few options if you think someone is spying on you. If you suspect your email is being monitored, for example, then dive in and change your password to something new, and change your security reset questions too.

Whether Android, iPhone or BlackBerry, If you perform a factory reset on any of these devices then it will help you remove the cell phone monitoring app from your device very easily. It can be done all by yourself but if you are hesitant or scared that you might not perform it then you can ask the local vendor to do it for you in free of cost.

Remember after the factory reset your phone will be back to the state when you purchased it. So, better get the backup of all the data before you carry out the factory reset operation like phone contacts, images, music files etc.