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Spyware Terminator Premium — Most computer users protect their workstations using full-fledged antivirus solutions which include or run in conjunction with a firewall. Even if this should provide enough shelter from the ever-spreading malware, an extra layer of security that targets specific threats does not hurt and an application like Spyware Terminator could be just what you need.

This software has the power to detect and remove spyware and adware. The greatest thing about Spyware Terminator is that it works fast and has all the features you would need to keep malware at bay. The application monitors the entire activity on the computer and blocks dangerous files from infecting the machine. In addition to that, the application provides several scanning modes, on-demand and automatic, one for each type of user.

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Plus, the on-demand mode includes three different options, fast, full and custom and each of them worked flawlessly during our tests. The settings menu is pretty rich, and allows you quick access to a lot of options to customize the antivirus, real-time protection or the host-based intrusion prevention system HIPS. Last but not least, it also comes with a handful of useful tools, such as an online vault, a system optimizer or a startup tuner.

All things considered, Spyware Terminator remains one of the best tools of its kind, and is an easy way to defend your computer against adware, spyware, hijackers, keyloggers and other similar threats. Jobs are completed in a timely fashion without popping errors or freezing.

Anyone that uses the Internet is at risk of losing their privacy and having their computer seriously damaged by spyware. Spyware performs certain behaviors like delivering advertising, changing your computer configuration or collecting personal information like passwords, banking information, web surfing habits or other personal information without your knowledge and can lead to identity theft. Often, spyware is installed during installation of other software or through music or video file sharing.

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Automatically back up your important data and access it from anywhere, anytime. Bank, shop and download securely Get daily updates against threats Prevent security breaches and intrusion Enjoy safe and uninterrupted gaming Use minimal system resources Ensure integrity with on-demand and scheduled scans. Click image to enlarge. Spyware Terminator Awards Download.

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